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Old Pulteney 2006 11-year-old (Cadenhead)

Bought: Cadenhead, 5th December 2017

84.78/100 – Whiskybase (average from 11 member votes)

When you look at Old Pulteney (OP) in Jim Murray’s ‘Whisky Bible 2018’ you realise how rare it is to see independent bottlings from this illustrious distillery. In fact Mr Murray only mentions Cadenhead and Gordon & MacPhail. Of these only the two bottles by Cadenhead are cask strength. The distillery itself rarely releases a whisky that hasn’t been diluted down. But if you’re a fan of a particular distillery it doesn’t take long before you want to try the raw liquid straight from the barrel. And as a fan of OP, this 11yo by Cadenhead gives me my change to do just that. It’s Old Pulteney au naturale.

My OP 11yo is made from a combination of two hogshead casks distilled in 2006 and bottled at 55.8% in 2017. It comes from ex-bourbon barrels, which is the standard wood used by the distillery. 570 bottles were produced. Although Jim Murray doesn’t review this particular dram he scores a similar Cadenhead 2006 11yo a very respectable 87/100. This was also an ex-bourbon hogshead but only one barrel was used to produce 294 bottles. It scores 82.39/100 on Whiskybase from 25 votes. My 11yo scores a fantastic 84.78/100 from 11 votes so far, which suggests a marginally better dram.

Cadenhead release cask strength Old Pulteney quite regularly so if it’s something you’re interested in then keep an eye on their website. My 11yo was bottled in 2017 but Cadenhead have already bottled two OP 12yo cask strengths in 2018 (one of which is still available on their website for £54.30 from a run of only 282 bottles, so cask strength AND single cask).

Tasting notes by Cadenhead:

Nose: Toffee popcorn, cereals, barley sugar, developing rich notes with this coastal dram. The nose is great now into the palate!
Palate: The palate is driving in some incredible richness with some fresh ground black pepper, haggis crisps, cardamon pod. We also find a sweet note after this dram is left to open in the glass.
Finish: The finish is really good with a hint of red liquorice, banana loaf and marshmallow, the finish coats the palate with a lingering sweetness before the spicy mid note on the palate comes back in for a few moments.


Glenlivet (Minmore) 1973 42-year-old

Bought: Cadenhead Online Shop, 6th April 2016

90.07/100 – Whiskybase (from 16 member votes)
88/100 – Whiskyfun
91/100 – Whiskynotes

As my whisky collection draws to a close I’m looking to tick off the remaining items on my wishlist. I haven’t bought directly from Cadenhead before but I’ve been admiring the look of their ‘small batch’ range for years. I also don’t have a single malt over 40yo. I have single grain and malted spirit but not a single malt, until now. With only 630 bottles of this Glenlivet it makes a good investment but over 90/100 on Whiskybase tells me it’s a fantastic drinking dram too.

I was wondering why Cadenhead saw fit to add ‘Minmore’ to the title of this whisky, given that’s the location of the Glenlivet distillery. Then I realised it’s because of the age of this whisky, which dates back to a time when lots of other distilleries put ‘Glenlivet’ in their names. Cadenhead are just making it absolutely clear that this single malt is from the Glenlivet, not another from the same glen.

Here are the tasting notes from Cadenhead:

Nose: Soft and juicy. Peaches, passion fruit, soft lime notes and also kiwi and watermelon. A great age whisky delivering a truly amazing nose.

Palate: More juicy fruits. For such a delicate whisky this feels very thick and rich. Olive oil, hints of Sauvignon blanc and lots of syrupy fruits coats the whole palate.

Finish: Dried citrus fruits with some soft woodiness. Creaminess grows but mingles with lots of thick tropical fruits.

Glenlivet 1973 42yo 70cl

Braes of Glenlivet 8-year-old

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 22nd December 2013

89/100 – Malt Maniacs (average from 4 reviewers)
65/100 – Whisky Fun (April 2007)

For a young whisky distilled in 1987 and bottled in 1995, I feel quite fortunate to find several reviews online. But they are rather confused. Averaging a fantastic 89/100 on Malt Maniacs from 4 reviews, Whisky Fun only gives it 65/100. Perhaps he had a bad bottle?! I must admit though, I had to laugh when the review said “I’m sorry but ‘ouch!’” after drinking it neat. It’s 62.7%, which says it all. Anything that strong was going to need watering down!

This bottle ticked ‘Braeval’ off my ‘distilleries to get’ list. Originally I was wanting to get a 11-year-old Braeval ‘Old Malt Cask’ but unfortunately it was out-of-stock when I ordered it. This pre-name-change version will do for now but I’m still on the hunt for a new example from the Braeval distillery.

The Braes of Glenlivet 8yo 5cl

Mannochmore 1977 16-year-old

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 31st October 2013

87.33/100 – Whiskybase (average from 3 member votes)
84/100 – Malt Maniacs (from one reviewer – here)

After posting about a bottle of Dallas Dhu from 1971 we now have another miniature but this time from a distillery that was founded in 1971, Mannochmore. This example by the independent bottler Cadenhead’s was distilled in 1977 and bottled in February 1994. With a cask strength of 61% it’s going to pack quite a punch.

84/100 on Malt Maniacs is a very good score but over 87/100 on Whiskybase is excellent. A member leaves these following tasting notes:

Nose: an old style “fat” whisky, probably bottle maturation added a good share of nice flavours. The sherry is well rounded and not too dominating.
Taste: rich as well and the body is mouth-coating, very nice.
Finish: medium but very enjoyable.

Someone comments, “it needs water to open up (no wonder given its 61% abv). Without water it is rather closed, uninspiring and hot. But adding a good measure of water unfolds a real “refill sherry” beauty of the past.  There are some traces of sulphur, but not intimidating and in the end (I never thought I would ever say this) almost enjoyable. All in all a nice dram to sip during cold winter nights – it keeps you warm and in a good mood.”

Mannochmore 16yo 5cl

Glen Grant-Glenlivet 16-year-old

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 31st October 2013

91/100 – Whiskyfun (see 2nd bottle reviewed here)

I bought this bottle without having seen a review so I was delighted to find it got 91/100 on Whiskyfun during a tasting in 2008. This bottle is from the 1980s and dates back to when ‘Glenlivet’ was still being attached to the name of Glen Grant. What I love the most is that this mini proudly states on the label that it was bottled by Wm. Cadenhead, 18 Golden Square, Aberdeen, which is my home town. I tend to associate Golden Square with lawyers, banks, going to the auction house or heading to the music hall. But if we’re talking whisky The Grill bar isn’t too far away, with its vast whisky list to sip your way through. I wonder if they have a Glen Grant-Glenlivet?!

Glen Grant-Glenlivet 16yo 5cl