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Writers Tears

Bought – Marks & Spencer, 3rd June, 2014

93/100 – Whisky Bible 2014
86/100 – RalfyWriters Tears – YouTube (Jan 2015)

I received a top-tip on the WhiskyWhiskyWhisky forum that this Irish pot still whiskey was reduced to £25 at Marks & Spencer. Another on my wishlist so it was time to go out and get it.

If there was a prize for the most words written by Jim Murray about a whisky then Writers Tears must be a close winner. In the Whisky Bible 2014 it gets nearly half a page! You have to wonder if Jim thought that a whiskey named in the memory of writers demanded the use of more writing!

93/100 classes this whiskey as “brilliant!” Jim Murray says of the taste “works beautifully well” and scores this element 24/25 (so effectively 96/100!). I also found 3 ratings on the whisky review site ‘Whisky Connosr” giving two scores of 85/100 and one of 89/100 so it’s not just Mr Murray that loves this dram. It seems it’s the blend of pure Pot Still with single malt that’s got everyone’s taste buds dancing. Clearly something the makers of Writers Tears have got very, very right.

Writers Tears Whiskey 70cl