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The Breeder’s Choice (Argentina)

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 8th March 2016

84/100 – Whisky Bible 2016
Also listed here on Whiskybase (but no rating yet)

I was amused to discover that someone found my blog by doing an Internet search for “crazy whisky collector”. Crazy….me?! Never! As I sit here with my underpants on my head and chat to my pet cactus, let’s talk about Argentinean whisky. That in itself sounds a bit mad. If it were tango or football or footballers drinking Tango it would make more sense but whisky from Argentina sounds quite unusual. But I spotted a couple of miniatures from this South American country in a whisky auction and had to have them. They tick off the 23rd country outside Scotland in my ‘foreign’ collection, which is a sub-crazy collection in my overall crazy whisky collection. If you were a cactus you’d know that already.

I can’t drink this whisky because I haven’t had any children. If you have then ‘The Breeder’s Choice’ was obviously named with you in mind. Well done! If you have children you probably need something stronger than whisky, like cheese and a long sit down.

This blend is the only whisky from Argentina listed in the Whisky Bible where it was added in 2006. The author, Jim Murray, says “a sweet blend using Scottish malt and, at the helm, an unusually lush Argentinean grain.” 84/100 classifies this whisky as “good whisky worth trying”. Mr Murray scores the taste element 22/25, which is 88/100 and comfortably into the “very good to excellent whisky” range. Note that my bottle is 43% and the one mentioned in the Whisky Bible is 40% so my miniature could be an older, stronger version.

And now for a song…..

The Breeder's Choice 5cl