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Whisky Añejo Medium (Argentina)

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 8th March 2016

None I can find.

Who says you can find everything on the Internet?! When it comes to obscure whiskies it can prove very difficult. I’ve been unable to find any reviews for this blend from Argentina, which was produced for the Hereford Breeders Association (Asociacion Argentina Criadobes de Hereford). Much like ‘The Breeder’s Choice’ I last blogged about I suspect this dram consists of single malt imported from Scotland mixed with a grain whisky distilled in Argentina. It was distributed by the company C.Y.F. of Buenos Aires, whoever they are.

Beef is big business in Argentina, as well as other South American countries. Growing up in the Northeast of Scotland I first became aware of this fact when I heard about the outbreak of typhoid in Aberdeen in 1964. The cause was a contaminated tin of corned beef from Uruguay. The Hereford along with the Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn were the three UK breeds of cattle that played a big part in the building of the beef industry in Argentina. And if you farm cows then having a drink of strong alcohol is never far from your mind.

The word ‘añejo’ in the title of this bottle appears to mean ‘mature’ so it’s a ‘mature medium whisky’.

Hereford Association Argentina NAS 5cl