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Goldly’s Double Still Owner’s Reserve

Bought: Best of Whisky, Holland, 2nd February 2015

88/100 – Whisky Bible 2015 (for 10yo version)
61/100 – Mark Dermul, Belgian whisky reviewer – review link here

This is my first Belgian whisky to continue my quest for more international examples of the whisky world. I’ve added the Whisky Bible rating because it was included against this bottle on the Dutch website, even though it’s for a 10-year-old version of this Goldly’s. There is no “10-year-old” label on my bottle, and it states on the back “matured for more than 3 years in firstfill bourbon casks”. Ooops, so that’s 3 years and 1 day then! Clearly I have a younger, non-age statement version.

What I’m sure still applies from the Whisky Bible review is the comment about the presence of “caramel”. Unfortunately the author, Jim Murray, says it does “great damage to the finish in particular” but it’s still a solid enough whisky to score 88/100. Let’s hope my younger version has these sturdy qualities to stand up to the caramel!

Perhaps a better assessment of this dram is from the Belgian whisky reviewer Mark Dermul. Scoring only 61/100 I’m left feeling the £24 I paid was about £23 too much! Mark likens it to gin, which the manufacturer is better known for. The good news is, I like gin! So will I end up adding tonic and a slice of lemon? Whatever it takes to get the best experience!

Goldlys Owners Reserve Double Still NAS 70cl