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Cyprus Whisky

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 8th March 2016

None I can find.

Is this whisky? Possibly not. It’s obviously something produced for the Cyprus tourist market where the appearance is the most important thing. The alcohol percentage isn’t stated but I found a similar suede-clad miniature during an Internet image search that said “40%”. It’s whisky if it’s an undisclosed Scottish blend imported and bottled in Cyprus but it says on the pouch “hand made by Santa Marina Ltd”, which suggests a homebrew. If that’s the case then it’s likely to be a Cypriot spirit called zivania, known locally as ‘Cyprus Whisky’. This is a strong grape-based spirit made with herbs and figs using the leftovers from winemaking, so definitely not whisky. But to label something ‘whisky’ that isn’t whisky risks the wrath of the Scotch Whisky Association, wherever the offender may be in the world. So maybe it IS whisky.

Zivania is usually a clear spirit but I did find a version called ‘Red Zivania Kokkini’ which is the colour of whisky (with caramel added). To conclude my investigation I removed my miniature from its pouch to discover that the liquid is at least the colour of whisky but less red than the Kokkini. Ultimately the proof will come from the tasting. Until then the mystery remains.

Cyprus Whisky NAS 5cl