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The Old Course Clubhouse 12-year-old

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 19th June 2015

None I can find.

Apparently this is the single malt drunk at the famous golf clubhouse at St Andrews, Scotland. Well, one of the many single malts but this is the mystery malt that the clubhouse has given its name to. Although no longer available I found several places online that had the following description “a unique fully mature malt whisky specially selected for its fresh taste and grassy overtones with a lovely light golden colour evocative of the famous Old Course surroundings.”

Clearly this mystery malt (the source distillery isn’t mentioned) was made as a souvenir for anyone who has visited the St Andrews golf course or who is a big fan of golf. A 75cl version of the bottle was made available in America and one of those sold at auction in the UK for £27.50 in July 2014. I bought my miniature as part of a job lot of 10 but I don’t see this being an investment. I will keep it for a mystery malt tasting night and see if the contributing distillery can be identified.

The Old Course Clubhouse 12yo 5cl