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The Clan Malt – Matheson & MacNaughton

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 22nd December 2013

You’ll never see a more obvious case of “whiskies acquired in an auction as part of a mix of malts that weren’t really wanted”. Nobody in my family has the surname “Matheson” or “MacNaughton” and nor do I know anyone with those names. But it will be interesting to see what these taste like. From quick research on the internet they both could contain the same Speyside malt but from which distillery is not revealed. It’s still perfectly possible to buy a new bottle with one of 80 different clan names (and their crests) printed on it. If you’re interested then the Scottish Kilt Company sell them for £4.99 each.

Update (16th May, 2014) – less than 5 months since I wrote this blog, I’ve checked the Scottish Kilt Company website and the price is now £7.99 each. A rise of 60%!!! That’s how crazy the whisky world is at the moment!

Alternative – Justminiatures do their version of ‘clan malts’ for £3.29 each here (blends are £2.99).

The Clan Malt 2x5cl