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Mortlach 12-year-old (1980s – G&M)

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 20th May 2015

83/100 – Malt Maniacs (based on 1 member vote)

The last Mortlach I blogged about was a 2014 distillery bottling called ‘Rare Old’. I didn’t think the term was unique to Mortlach but this bottle from the 1980s has got me wondering. Bottled by Gordon & MacPhail (G&M), on the label under ‘Mortlach’ is printed ‘Rare Old’. Yes, I’m sure you’re as excited as I am about this discovery! But it’s not old, it’s 12, and I doubt it’s very rare. According to my distillery book Mortlach has 6 stills and a capacity of 3.6 million litres. Divide 3.6m litres by my 5cl miniature and you get … not rare!

Finding any rating online was difficult but 83/100 from one Malt Maniac sounds like a pleasant enough dram. The house style for Mortlach is ‘full body, complex, sherry, spices, nuts and a hint of smoke.’ Sounds very nice! A full bottle (75cl) from the 1980s sold at auction for £60 (July 2015).

Mortlach 12yo 5cl

Mortlach ‘Rare Old’

Bought: The Whisky Shop, 18th November 2014

79/100 – Whisky Bible 2015
77.76/100 – Whiskybase (average from 146 member votes)

Another whisky bought because I like the bottle shape. If I’d checked the reviews first I might have talked myself out of it. All Jim Murray says in his Whisky Bible is “not rare enough” and his score of 79/100 ranks this malt as “average and usually pleasant though sometimes flawed”.

I’m a bit reluctant to include the score from Whiskybase because one member rates this Mortlach 19/100 with the comment “bargain”. That sounds like a complement, which suggests the 19 was a mistake (perhaps they meant 91?). Now there have been 146 votes, nearly 78/100 is probably fair. Comments include “plain and simple”, “very average quality. Way too expensive for what you get”, “all in all nothing offensive but quite underwhelming” and “a surprising character. The tastes and smells are well integrated and play off of each other well.”

In defence of this non aged-statement Mortlach, it scores 4/5 stars on The Whisky Exchange from 8 reviews, and 4/5 on Master of Malt from 5 votes, suggesting it’s not as bad as initial ratings imply, but these still equate to 80/100 so similar to the Whisky Bible and Whiskybase.

Perhaps not a whisky to wow the taste buds but if you like having your booze on display, the bottle is certainly very aesthetically pleasing. I’m sure I’ll have this Mortlach sitting on a shelf for many years, looking good and gathering dust. Then in 30 years when it’s genuinely rare and definitely old, I’ll drink it!

Here’s Ben of ‘A Dram A Day’ with his thoughts about the Rare Old on YouTube (December 2016):

Mortlach Rare Old NAS 50cl

Mortlach 15-year-old

Bought – Whisky Galore, 1st August 2013

85/100 – Whiskybase (average from 12 member votes)

A Gordon & MacPhail bottling which always implies a certain level of quality. I did find a video on YouTube in German where the reviewer finishes by saying “wunderbar!” Since he wasn’t sitting in a ‘wonderful bar’ at the time, my school boy German is telling me he liked the Mortlach. I’ll have to see if he’s right!

85/100 on Whiskybase is an excellent score. Comments include “fruity aromas with delicate hints of smoke and vanilla that give it a playful whole. The character is nicely balanced and mild, the palette consists of oak with slight
sherry notes and hints of truffle oil” and “very rewarding and highly recommended. Interesting with and without water.”

Mortlach 15yo 35cl