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Bought – Lincoln Whisky Shop, 4th March 2014

81/100 – Malt Maniacs (average from 2 reviews)

Ileach is one of those mystery Islay malts that has been around for years, which is why I find it surprising that I can’t find it in the Whisky Bible 2014. Perhaps I can’t see it for looking! If anyone finds it, please let me know. Reading around on the internet, the Ileach seems to be a young Lagavulin, although I also read this about the Finlaggan. One or other might not be true. I feel a taste test coming on!

Ralfy, the great YouTube whisky reviewer, hasn’t discussed this 40% Ileach but he’s reviewed the Cask Strength version twice. In 2010 he scores it 82/100 then in 2013 he gives it 88/100. It seems the makers of Ileach are getting better. Interestingly, in Ralfy’s 2013 review he says he bought two bottles from two different locations. Both had a different colour, so not the same batch, but the high standard was the same for both bottles. He mentions the use of caramel but still rates the Cask Strength version very highly. And at £38 for a bottle it’s a tempting price for any Islay fan. A cask strength Lagavulin would set you back over £70.

Here’s Andy of Malt Box with his review on You Tube (August 2016):

Ileach NAS 5cl