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Tomintoul 2000

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 31st October 2013

This miniature was specially bottled for ‘The Whisky Castle’ which is a whisky shop in, you’ll never guess…..Tomintoul! So it seems sensible that they asked their local distillery to make some souvenir millennium bottles for their shop.

I’ve been on The Whisky Castle website before when looking to buy online but they’re not the most competitive when it comes to price. That’s one of the problems with having the added overhead of owning premises. But I imagine if I was visiting Tomintoul I’d pop in for a quick look and come out laiden with purchases. Here’s a link to their YouTube video <click here>.

This whisky nearly caught me out. I was about to classify it as a single malt when I read the label again and saw ‘pure malt’ which is one of the former ways of saying ‘blend’. The principal blends from Tomintoul are Dundee and Parker’s, neither of which I’ve ever drunk or have in my collection, so I wont be able to compare this mini with them, yet!

Tomintoul 2000 5cl