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The Spice Tree

Bought – Marks & Spencer, 4th September 2013

95.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2013
91/100 – Affordable Whisky – His review on YouTube (September 2012)
88/100 – RalfyHis review on YouTube (November 2014)

I’d heard about Compass Box and how they made interesting and excellent blends. What I hadn’t expected was to find a bottle of theirs in my local Marks & Spencer. The Whisky Bible mentioned that Deanston did a version of their 12yo for M&S that was 10 points better than their normal 12yo. Talk about making sure the big supermarket gets the best quality stuff! Unfortunately it seems, according to the M&S website, that Deanston is no longer in stock. Oh well, never mind, because ‘The Spice Tree’ was an excellent, and rather different alternative. As you can see from the picture below some tasting has been going on and it’s certainly a very yummy blend. My tasting ability hasn’t matured to the stage that I detected all the complexities but I did enjoy that touch of spice that gives it its name. It’s certainly one to revisit, and revisit, and revisit. 🙂

The Spice Tree 70cl