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Ross Priory (Bowmore)

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 31st October 2013

It was clear from the number of Bowmore miniatures for sale in the auction that someone was selling off a collection. I had no idea Bowmore had so many obscure releases! There were Bowmore bottlings for different birds of Britain, airplanes, Scottish Power, railway lines, famous golfers and even one for the centenial of the Forth Road Bridge.

I attempted to bid on several bottles but ended up with only one, paying £1.50 for a Bowmore labelled for Ross Priory, which is the recreational and conference centre for the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. This venue caters for weddings, provides bed and breakfast and offers golf, angling and boating. With a bar and a lounge bar it’s a perfect place to have a mini whisky available for guests. A malty souvenir to remember the place by.

This is another miniature that nearly had me fooled. I thought it was a single malt but it says on the label “Blended and Bottled by Morrison Bowmore” so that sounds like a blend to me. Bowmore’s principal blends are Rob Roy and Black Bottle, so I’ll have to try this Ross Priory and see if it contains one of the standard Bowmore blends.

Bowmore Ross Priory 5cl