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Noble Highlander, Special Reserve

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 4th December 2013

Sometimes I buy a whisky where there’s very little to be said about it. Enter the ‘Noble Highlander, Special Reserve, Rare Old Scotch Whisky’ produced in Scotland by Donald MacDonald & Co, Edinburgh. I tried to find out a bit more about this whisky, then about the producer but the internet wasn’t being my friend with regards to these searches. It seems quite a rare blend but, because of the nature of the whisky world, even if I kept it for 20 years I’d never make a fortune selling it. This is a £2 miniature bottle that might be worth £4 in 20 years.

There’s an American comedian, Lewis Black, who does a joke about bottled water. He pokes fun at how nobody would want to buy water with a picture of a deer on the label because we imagine it might have been pissing and shiting in our drink! The Noble Highlander, Special Reserve, has a picture of a Highland Coo on it. I say no more!

Noble Highlander Special Reserve 5cl