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Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 22nd December 2013

77/100 – Whisky Bible 2006

When I searched online for ‘J MacArthur, JR & Co’ and got the postcode for this company, then did a search for the postcode, it matches that of Inver House, a company that owns several distilleries in Scotland. At a guess I would say that MacArthur’s was a blend that Inver House acquired, along with the business itself.

Although this bottle is a lot older than 2006, I imagine Jim Murray’s remark of “a decent touch or two, but basic” probably still applies to this miniature. A blend I acquired as part of a job lot of 10, where this one was there to make up the numbers. I’m not expecting this whisky to set my world on fire but let’s hope it’s a reasonable tipple!

MacArthur's 5cl