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Glen Orchy 5-year-old (Lidl)

Bought – Lidl, 31st October 2013

80.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2013 (doesn’t state age)

A top tip from my cousin, probably the greatest whisky collector in Somerset. He’d tried the Glen Orchy from his local Lidl and enjoyed it. Time for me to pick up a bottle! The review in the Whisky Bible 2013 doesn’t state the age of the Glen Orchy so I’m wondering if it used to be NAS and has now changed. I’ll be interested to see if ‘5yo’ is mentioned for the Glen Orchy in the 2014 bible edition.

I must confess, I’m a sucker for a bottle with an interesting shape and the angles on the Glen Orchy certainly do it for me!

(Update – 7th January 2014) – The Whisky Bible 2014 has arrived and Jim Murray has given this Glen Orchy 5-year-old 88.5/100. An excellent mark. He says of the taste “superb, mouth-watering gristy sugars.” And finishes with “excellent malt plus very decent casks equals light-bodied fun”. In the same bible, Johnnie Walker Red Label gets a point less with 87.5/100. Clearly the Glen Orchy 5yo can hold a candle to the bigger names in blended Scotch, as well as beat them for price!

Glen Orchy 5yo 70cl