Port Askaig 100 Proof

Bought: Whisky Exchange, 28th September 2016

96.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2017
85.74/100 – Whiskybase (average from 96 member votes)

I’ve wanted an example of the mystery malt Port Askaig for several years so it’s nice to finally add it to my collection. The ‘100 Proof’ is non-age statement and the cheapest of the latest Port Askaig bottlings listed on their website (here), which includes a 16yo, 19yo, 30yo and 45yo. But, saying that, The Whisky Exchange list an 8yo that’s £5 less than the 100 Proof.

A few weeks after I bought the Port Askaig ‘100 Proof’ I got my copy of the Whisky Bible 2017 and discovered it had come second to the Glenlivet Cipher in the category of ‘best single malt, no age statement (multiple casks)’. With a score of 96.5/100 the author, Jim Murray, considers the ‘100 Proof’ to be a “superstar whisky that gives us all a reason to live”. He says of the taste, “the sugars melt in the mouth on impact. Just a light oiliness coats the mouth sufficiently for the citrus phenols to ensure there are two distinct weights on display. Yet, somehow, they seem equally poised.” He concludes with “just exemplary, high quality Islay: a must experience malt. If you find a more beautifully paced, elegant and weighted Islay this year, I’d really like to hear about it.”

The Port Askaig ‘100 Proof’ is believed to be Caol Ila as mentioned on Whiskybase and the video by ‘Single Malt Maniac’ below. Comments on Whiskybase include, “lovely fruity texture, well balanced by a nice peat fire and an intensely warming spiciness. Quite quaffable both neat or diluted with a few drops of water.” And “the best peaty NAS whisky I have tasted in a long time, what a pleasant profile.”

Single Malt Maniac review on You Tube (September 2016):


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