Haig ‘Supreme’

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 7th September 2016

76.5/100 – Best Shot Whisky Reviews

This bottle of Haig ‘Supreme’ was a crazy “I like the bottle shape” online auction purchase. What was I thinking? But I thought 100cl for £22 was a very good price, especially as bottles can sometimes reach £60. From what I can deduce the Supreme was launched in 2013 for the South American market and doesn’t appear to be available anywhere else, expect at auctions. In Brazil the Supreme sells for the UK equivalent of £23.50 so I hardly got a bargain. It’s a budget blend produced from 20 different whiskies and matured in European oak.

76.5/100 on ‘Best Shot Whisky Reviews’ is a reasonable score. The author prefers the Supreme to the Johnnie Walker Red Label, which is in the same price bracket. Online shops in Brazil that allow drinkers to submit star ratings for the Supreme generally score it 5/5 so it seems like a decent dram. I’ve been unable to find any reviews in English on You Tube but I’ll be sure to add one if any appear.

Here are the official tasting notes:

Nose: aromas of fresh fruits with the sweetness of homemade apple pie. The delicate toffee and caramel nose is gently replaced with smoke and oak.
Pallet: sweet fruits with hints of melon and tangerines, creamy and sweet.
Finish: drying, gentle smoke aftertaste.

If they ever sell this in the UK I’d recommend the slogan “Haig Supreme – if you want to feel like a Columbian drug warlord. When you’ve drunk the whisky use the bottle to club your enemies to death.”

Haig Supreme launch video on You Tube:


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