Killyloch 1972 22-year-old

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 9th August 2016

86.75/100 – Whiskybase (average from 4 member votes)

When did production of the Killyloch single malt stop? It’s the question on every whisky enthusiast’s lips. Well, not really but it is a bit of a mystery. Some say 1985, others 1970, which is quite a wide gap. Both Glen Flagler and Killyloch were stills set within the Moffat grain distillery so not distillery locations in their own right. Moffat closed in 1985, which is where some of the confusion comes from but the production of Killyloch ended over a decade before. There are only 3 bottlings of Killyloch listed on Whiskybase, two from 1967 and one from March 1972 so this stuff is extremely rare. It also suggests that Killyloch single malt ceased production in the early 1970s, possibly later in 1972.

MaltMartin, a member of Whiskybase, scores my miniature example of Killyloch 86/100, which is a fantastic score. He leaves these tasting notes:

Nose: Astringent and sharp at first nosing. Lemon and lime. Orange peel. Floral notes and cut grass. Nettle and heather as well. Some garden mint. Later on pronounced aroma of new leather.

Taste: Hot, spicy and zesty. Esters of kiwi and green apples. Grapefruit bitterness. Hints of bergamot. Toasted oak as well. A little vanilla. Honey. The palate reminds me of the high strength Cadenhead Authentic Collection bottles of the 90’s.

Finish: Medium long with spices of black pepper and clove. Almost medicinal. Pine. Liquorice. Becomes salty at the end.


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