Glenlivet (Minmore) 1973 42-year-old

Bought: Cadenhead Online Shop, 6th April 2016

90.07/100 – Whiskybase (from 16 member votes)
88/100 – Whiskyfun
91/100 – Whiskynotes

As my whisky collection draws to a close I’m looking to tick off the remaining items on my wishlist. I haven’t bought directly from Cadenhead before but I’ve been admiring the look of their ‘small batch’ range for years. I also don’t have a single malt over 40yo. I have single grain and malted spirit but not a single malt, until now. With only 630 bottles of this Glenlivet it makes a good investment but over 90/100 on Whiskybase tells me it’s a fantastic drinking dram too.

I was wondering why Cadenhead saw fit to add ‘Minmore’ to the title of this whisky, given that’s the location of the Glenlivet distillery. Then I realised it’s because of the age of this whisky, which dates back to a time when lots of other distilleries put ‘Glenlivet’ in their names. Cadenhead are just making it absolutely clear that this single malt is from the Glenlivet, not another from the same glen.

Here are the tasting notes from Cadenhead:

Nose: Soft and juicy. Peaches, passion fruit, soft lime notes and also kiwi and watermelon. A great age whisky delivering a truly amazing nose.

Palate: More juicy fruits. For such a delicate whisky this feels very thick and rich. Olive oil, hints of Sauvignon blanc and lots of syrupy fruits coats the whole palate.

Finish: Dried citrus fruits with some soft woodiness. Creaminess grows but mingles with lots of thick tropical fruits.

Glenlivet 1973 42yo 70cl

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