Glenroc Whisky de Bretagne

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 8th March 2016

57/100 – Malt Madness
Listed here on Whiskybase

Here’s a curious find, a single grain whisky from Brittany, France. According to Malt Madness and the book ‘Le Whisky’ it used to be called ‘Glenroc’ until a legal battle with the SWA (Scotch Whisky Association), which forced the producers (Fisselier) to find another name in 2002/3. They chose ‘Gwenroc’ which is still available to purchase today (in France).

Although 57/100 on Malt Madness may not sound great the author does say “the best grain whisky I ever nosed, although it’s much more like a liqueur than a malt.” They say of the taste “flat without any inspiration. Bitter. Fruit. Orange skins. Cool on the palate. Again, it seems very much like Cointreau liqueur after a minute.” They summarise with “barely on the good side of average, but better than many young Scotch grain whiskies I’ve tried.”

One French review I found quite enjoyed the Glenroc saying it was a “happy surprise” with a fresh attack on the palate with hints of straw and fern. They say it goes well with a game of poker, apparently. Drinking suggestions for the Gwenroc say to add ice. Remember when they used to put ice cubes on earlobes to dull the pain before piercing? That’s what ice does to the palate as well as diluting the drink as it melts. Ice isn’t suitable for quality single malt but a good idea for this ‘interesting’ grain whisky from France.

Glenroc NAS 5cl

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