Cutty Sark ‘Prohibition’

Bought: Master of Malt, 3rd March 2016

85/100 – Whisky Whistle (his video review below from November 2015)
82.1/100 – Whiskybase (average from 23 member votes)

If some or all of your whisky sits out on display then, like a work of art, it helps if it looks aesthetically pleasing. The average bottle of whisky spends more time waiting to be drunk than the time it takes to drink it. Therefore it helps if a bottle looks nice and the makers of Cutty Sark Prohibition have given this some serious thought. Long before I ever taste this whisky I love the styling. The history element also sparks my interest. This bottle was released in 2013 to mark the 80-year anniversary of the end of prohibition in America, which has a strong connection with the ‘Cutty Sark’ name.

Although over 82/100 on Whiskybase is a very good rating not everyone likes the Prohibition. Expert whisky reviewer Mark Dermul finds it too rough saying “the body is fine, the mouth feel is round and almost creamy. It starts of sweet, but immediately a rough and peppery note and a lot of liquorice pop up. The oranges turn very bitter and it has a sour edge that I cannot appreciate. In my opinion, it goes downhill pretty fast.”

Another Whiskybase member, Jon Osterman, gives us his thoughts and a rating of 82/100, which is very representative of the average: “I found this to be quite tasty, with something that reminds me of meaty Sherry cask dominating the nose along with sweet toffee and some industrial notes. Very flavourful for the price asked” and he added “good value for money”.

At 50% and non-chillfiltered you get the feeling that the makers of Prohibition have given the taste as much thought as the styling. But, this is a blend, so if I find it bitter then there’s nothing to stop me from adding lemonade without the Whisky Police breaking my front door down.

Here’s Whisky Whistle’s comprehensive review of the Prohibition blend:

Cutty Sark Prohibition NAS 70cl

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