Linkwood 12-year-old – Whisky Broker

Bought: Whisky Broker, 4th February 2016

None as yet and still not listed on Whiskybase. I’ll add the link when/if it apears.

Whisky Broker must be one of the few remaining UK independent bottlers that still give excellent value. One area where they impress me the most is with their pricing of miniatures. No matter how old the whisky, be it a 12yo or 24yo, a 5cl is always £6.50. How long this policy will last I don’t know but I’ll take advantage of it for as long as I can. The next time they have another tempting 70cl I’ll add a few more of their cheap minis to my order.

I already have a Linkwood 12yo miniature by Gordon & MacPhail but that’s 40% as opposed to 59.8% for this cask strength version by Whisky Broker. Perhaps the most common Linkwood 12yo is the distillery release by Diageo under the series name ‘Flora & Fauna’ which scores a cracking 94.5/100 in the Whisky Bible 2016. I recently spotted a bottle in a local off license, which begs the question – what am I waiting for? Buy it! With my Linkwood addiction it seems an obvious choice.

Linkwood 12yo 59.8 5cl

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