Invergordon 24-year-old – Whisky Broker

Bought: Whisky Broker, 4th February 2016

C+ – Whiskybase (from 1 member vote)

Since I was putting in an order with the Whisky Broker I thought I’d treat myself to a few cheap miniatures including this single grain my Invergordon. It seems strange that it’s taken me so long to get an example from this distillery but I never felt there was any rush. Owned by Whyte & Mackay, Invergordon began life in the early 1960s and currently produces about 40 million litres of spirit each year. Unlike so many closed single grain distilleries there’s no shortage of Invergordon.

It’s early days for getting reviews of this single grain but one member on Whiskybase rates it C+ (whatever that means) and says of the taste “initially malty, honeyed and quite raw but developing on more sugary/sour-sweet & buttery vanilla cream and cocao nibs. It then thickens towards an enveloping mouth-feel before turning quite sour. There’s grainy modern oak here and it’s done well to tame the spirit. Malty-sour into the finish.” They summarise with “one of the better Invergordons I’ve had, as most round this age [or less] tend to have been spirit led and arguably bottled prematurely in my opinion. Highlights include the nose [after time & water] and the mouth-feel on development – but the overall result is a struggle with all that sourness” and add “a full bottle I think would be a real struggle.”

I’m glad the reviewer feels this is one of the better Invergordons they’ve had because it will be a first for me when I have time to drink it.

Invergordon 24yo 5cl

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