Caledonian 1987 28-year-old

Bought: Whisky Broker, 4th February 2016

95/100 – Whisky Bible 2017
89.07/100 – Whiskybase (from 17 member votes)

The Caledonian distillery closed in 1988, which makes it quite collectable even for a single grain producer. Having closed 28 years ago, anything bottled now is going to be close to or over 30 years old, and generally pretty tasty. Dumbarton distillery, also single grain, closed more recently in 2002 and I narrowly missed a 25-year-old bottling last year that sold for £110. So how much would you pay for a rarer Caledonian 28yo that gets great reviews on Whiskybase? £150? £170 maybe? As I write this it’s still available on the Whisky Broker’s website for £60, such is the goodness of some independent bottlers. It’s nice to see that the greed currently rife in the whisky industry hasn’t poisoned everywhere. I would have bought two bottles if I weren’t constantly after other things.

Over 89/100 on Whiskybase from 17 member votes is a fantastic score. One voter who I recognise as a regular taster and contributor to the website leaves these tasting notes:

Nose: Sweet with a lot of vanilla. Lime, fresh leaves, caramel, strawberry and apple. With water more citrus.
Taste: A typical grain profile, but in a sweet and smooth sense. Vanilla, lemon, caramel, peach, strawberry, tonic and gentle spice. Water adds a salty touch.
Finish: Vanilla, lime, tonic, caramel, cinnamon and spice.
Comments: I’m not very much into grains, but this one has a very nice profile.

Caledonian 1987 28yo 70cl

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