Scapa 1980 25-year-old – 500th blog post!

Bought: Whisky Please, 10th December 2015

89.4/100 – Whiskybase (average from 17 member votes)
88/100 – Malt Maniacs (from 2 maniac votes)

It’s purely by chance that my 500th blog post is about one of the best whiskies in my collection. As much as I love Highland Park I have a soft spot for their Orkney neighbour Scapa. Whiskybase list 203 distillery releases from Highland Park but only 16 from Scapa, such is the rarity of direct bottlings. Of the 16 bottles the 25yo gets the best rating with an amazing 89.4/100.

Only 2000 bottles of this Scapa 25yo were released in 2005 but you can still see them popping up in auctions and shops quite regularly. Here is how the 25yo compares against other familiar Scapa releases on Whiskybase:

  • 89.4/100 – Scapa 25-year-old
  • 82.63/100 – Scapa 16-year-old ‘The Orcadian’
  • 81.58/100 – Scapa 14-year-old
  • 81.14/100 – Scapa 12-year-old
  • 79.14/100 – Scapa ‘Skiren’

Talk about being ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest! A member of Whiskybase describes the 25yo’s taste as “spicy and malty aroma, cinnamon, pepper, oat porridge, vanilla, red apples, lemon, floral honey, tea and dry hay. Marzipan sweet taste, eucalyptus, pepper, malt, vanilla and walnuts. Medium long and malty end.” Another member summarises with “this is an absolute powerful Scapa with the knowing sweet and malty notes and even the sea breeze in the background. A complex and powerful experience and you might be sure, close your eyes, take a sip and you’ll be on Orkney.”

Scapa 1980 25yo 70cl

9 responses to “Scapa 1980 25-year-old – 500th blog post!

  1. Congrats on your 500th post!! Wow! Haven’t had the pleasure of sampling a Scapa 25!

    • Thanks! It’s scary how quickly the posts mount up, especially when I realise I must be averaging over 1 every 2 days! I never knew I had the time! It certainly will be nice to try the Scapa 25 so grab your change if you ever see it at a tasting, event or offered up as a sample. Knowing me I’ll eventually drink this one but definitely for a special occasion.

      • Hahaha! I’m no where near as prolific as you! Your tracking down a whisky from each active distillery in Scotland is quite something.

        However in my own small way, was quite tickled when I managed to reach the 100 post mark with 100 whiskies sampled a few months ago – particularly given our access in India vs Scotland is quite different! 🙂

  2. was recently working in orkney and to my disbelief found in a shop a bottle of scapa 25 yo with box ect in as new condition , purchased it immediately , and it now sits proudly with my others , I’m amazed how pricey this bottle of pure delight has become , just now had a look and can’t find a bottle under £999.99 and thats bottle no 1480 , mines no 145 ,

    • Fantastic find Steve! I’ve noticed in recent months that even the price at auction for this Scapa 25yo has started to push up to the £1,000 mark. It’s not that long ago it was £250 at best. Definitely worth keeping a hold of as an investment but it’s also a cracking dram to drink.

  3. I have a bottle of this and 2 of each the 14 and 16- keeping them all for a rainy day when I retire!!

    • Very wise! I’ll be doing the same. Plenty of time to savour them during retirement. But if you want to boost your pension you can always sell one of them. I noticed a bottle of the 25yo nearly made £1,000 at auction recently. 20 years until I retire so the only way I’ll open the 25yo then is if I don’t know how much it’s worth. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss! 🙂

  4. what can i say , still got the scapa 25 year old, out of curiosity emailed a couple of ” whisky specialists ” with a view to selling and was disappointed with the replies £350 / £400 they said , seems these ” specialists ” are no more than chancers ……

  5. Chancers indeed! Last couple of bottles I’ve seen come up at auction (both earlier this month) made £540 and £575 but if they were bought by a shop (Hard To Find Whisky, The Whisky Exchange, etc) I’d expect them to be listed at £1,000+ thereafter. Give it a few more years and I imagine the minimum auction price will be a £1,000.

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