Tamnavulin 12-year-old

Bought: Oddbins, 29th July 2015

77.08/100 – Whiskybase (average from 63 member votes)

This 12-year-old whisky is a distillery release from Tamnavulin, which was founded in 1966, closed in 1995 and reopened again in 2007. But that’s only 8 years ago, so where does the 12 years come from? Apparently the staff of neighbouring Tomintoul distillery went into Tamnavulin in 2000 and made 400,000 litres of new spirit to keep the stock ticking over. How kind of them! I’m assuming the whisky in my bottle is from 2000, rather than older stock from pre 1995.

There aren’t many bottlings produced of Tamnavulin, with only 4 listed in the Whisky Bible 2015, of which the youngest is a 21yo. This 12yo is the principal distillery release, which scores a modest 77/100 on Whiskybase. One voter says of the taste “it’s rather weak, grassy, sugar free lemonade and green tea.” And summarises with “it’s not great but it’s not bad either……I find it quite interesting and need another one.”

Tamnavulin whisky might be rare in comparison to most distilleries but this 12yo certainly isn’t an investment. Sadly the quality isn’t good enough for that but, as an example of what the distillery can produce, it should be an acceptable sipper.

Tamnavulin 12yo 70cl

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