Kilchoman ‘Coull Point’

Bought: World Duty Free, 2nd July 2015

84.48/100 – Whiskybase (average from 35 member votes)

This Kilchoman is a Travel Retail exclusive, which usually means it’s available outside of the UK and several places within. This doesn’t appear to be the case with the ‘Coull Point’, which I first saw in UK airports in 2014. I spoke to an employee at the ‘World of Whisky’ shop in Gatwick airport who said his company had bought up all the stock. Since Kilchoman is a small distillery, I believe him. The Whisky Barrel in the UK is trying to sell it for £200 but they clearly got their stock from the airports where it’s only £50. A £150 mark-up?! Seriously?! You can buy bottles at auction for around £50-£60.

84.5/100 on Whiskybase is an excellent mark. It seems hard to dislike Kilchoman. The distillery is probably the best success story in the whisky world in recent years. Comments from Whiskybase members include “nice whisky”, “a very active, young interesting thing with a character of its own and a lot of potential” and “one of Kilchoman’s most successful presentations to date”.

If you can find the Kilchoman ‘Coull Point’ at an airport for £50 I’d recommend getting a bottle. Not only is it good to drink but also it has potential as an investment.

Kilchoman Coull Point NAS 70cl

2 responses to “Kilchoman ‘Coull Point’

  1. No chance of keeping this for an investment! I picked it up at World of Whisky, Heathrow Airport. Opened it for our August ‘Whisky Ladies’ evening and absolutely loved it!

    If you are interested… see what we thought at

  2. Thanks Carissa! Nice review! Your tasting notes reminded me that I’d have a sample at Gatwick airport and your remarks brought back memories. I’ll open my bottle eventually but I’m still working my way through a cask strength Kilchoman which is equally as delicious!

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