Highland Park 2001

Bought: Master of Malt, 11th June 2015

82.21/100 – Whiskybase (average from 49 member votes)

I was quite surprised not to find this bottle listed in the Whisky Bible. Perhaps the author thought it tasted too much like some of the other Highland Parks and felt it wasn’t worth including. But if that were the case the Bible would only be one page with nothing more than the words “this stuff all tastes very similar”. So perhaps the author dropped his bottle, smashed it, and didn’t get another sample to try.

Whiskybase to the rescue! Over 82/100 is a reasonable score and several of the members have added their comments. The knowledgeable whisky reviewer Mark Dermul scores this HP 83/100 with comments of “the whisky is a little outspoken, but still quite a step up from the classic 12 Year Old. It has a lot more body” and “while it does not come close to the previously tasted (older) vintages for the duty free, this is quite a nicely balanced HP. I would buy a bottle.”

Interestingly, two reviewers both say not to add water to this whisky as “it will be ruined” and “doesn’t work with this whisky” to quote their remarks. This HP is only 40%. Jim Murray, author of the Whisky Bible would approve of these comments. He believes if you dilute whisky below 40% it’s technically no longer whisky. Personally I believe adding water is up to the individual to get the best tasting experience possible.

Overall this sounds like a nice addition to my Highland Park collection. Sadly it’s now discontinued but if you see a bottle for £60 or less it’s worth considering, especially as it’s 100cl.

Here’s GreatDrams with their thoughts on YouTube (Nov 2016):

Highland Park 2001 NAS 100cl

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