Ardbeg ‘Perpetuum’

Bought: The Whisky Exchange, 3rd June 2015

84.06/100 – Whiskybase (average from 321 member votes)
94/100 – Whisky Bitch (her You Tube video here)

The Ardbeg Perpetuum is the first time I’ve bought a special release from Ardbeg to celebrate Ardbeg Day. Releases appear to have started in 2012 to accompany the Islay celebrations of Fèis Ìle (festival of music and malt whisky). The first bottle was called ‘Day’ then ‘Ardbog’ in 2013, ‘Auriverdes’ in 2014 and now the ‘Perpetuum’. Not only is this to celebrate Ardbeg Day but also the 200th anniversary of the distillery. There have been Ardbeg bottlings called ‘Fèis Ìle’ such as the 2011 release and the one for 2010, which was only 228 bottles. I bet one of those wouldn’t be cheap at auction now!

I wasn’t intending to become an Ardbeg enthusiast but it’s hard to resist when you collect whisky. Since buying the Perpetuum I’ve acquired the Auriverdes and I’ve been mulling over getting the Ardbog. Not that I’d touch it if I were a devotee of Jim Murray and his Whisky Bible book. He scores it 78.5/100 in his 2014 bible with the remark “the best advice one can give about bogs is to avoid them.” Various sources have the Ardbog at £150, which is a similar price to 4 bottles of the standard 10yo, or 3 bottles of the amazing Uigeadail. But if collectors thought like that they wouldn’t be collectors!

As a comparison of Ardbeg Day releases, here are the Whiskybase scores for the Perpetuum against the previous 3 years:

  • 84.06/100 – 2015 Perpetuum (average from 321 member votes)
  • 85.98/100 – 2014 Auriverdes (average from 417 member votes)
  • 87.25/100 – 2013 Ardbog (average from 537 member votes)
  • 88.26/100 – 2012 Day (average from 231 member votes)

Ardbeg Perpetuum 2015 70cl

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