Bladnoch 2001 12-year-old, Single Cask, 55.2%

Bought: Demijohn, 27th May 2015

None as yet.

I love whisky and I like curious bottle shapes, so buying from Demijohn is a match made in heaven. You select what liquid you want and then the size and shape of the bottle you want it in. I first bought from Demijohn back in September 2013 when I got an 11yo Bladnoch. Since then the Armstrong brothers no longer own the distillery and I’m not sure what the latest news is on its fate. Finding bottles of Bladnoch suddenly became difficult as collectors and enthusiasts dived in. Thankfully I discovered that Demijohns had added a new 12yo and 13yo to their website. The details for this 12yo were given as:

“This delightful single malt whisky is from cask no.227, filled on 28th September 2001. It is one of the first few casks produced by Armstrong Brothers’ Raymond and Colin at their Bladnoch Distillery after taking ownership from United Distillers in 2000.”

Sadly this whisky has sold out and it’s so obscure it’s not even listed on Whiskybase. Would it make a good investment? Probably not because the seal can be easily removed and resealed (it’s very basic) but I’ve seen plenty of bottles sell at auction where this is also possible. Yet another reason I don’t like whisky auctions because it seems to be a case of ‘buyer beware!’

Bladnoch 2001 12yo 10cl

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