Scapa 8-year-old 70 Proof (1980s G&M)

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 20th May 2015

83.8/100 – Whiskybase (average from 7 member votes)

With the Scapa 16yo being discontinued this year and replaced by a younger NAS (non-aged statement bottling) it’s nice to know that the distillery used to produce quality at a younger age. This 8yo miniature could be from the late 1970s but, chances are, it’s from the 1980s. The very basic label is a far cry from the sophisticated packaging we see on whiskies today. Having ‘SCAPA’ in red ink – wow! It must have been like getting a Sinclair ZX Spectrum after using the black & white ZX81.

Although 83.8/100 on Whiskybase seems better than average, both members who write reviews seem underwhelmed by the taste. The nose suggests promising things to come only for the flavour to be “thin”, “innocuous” and lacking body. I will certainly be returning to these tasting notes when I get a chance to try it. It doesn’t sound like a whisky where anyone would want to hunt down a full bottle but there seem to be plenty of miniatures out there if you fancy this old Scapa experience.

Scapa 70 Proof 8yo 5cl

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