Linkwood 70 Proof (G&M)

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 20th May 2015

88.78/100 – Whiskybase (average from 11 member votes)

When I first added this Linkwood to my blog there were only 3 votes on Whiskybase, no comments and a fantastic score of 89/100. Now over 2 years later it’s still nearly 89/100 from 11 votes with comments of “Fuck me, this is good. It has no age statement, but tastes like an old whisky”, “an astonishing whisky from an era that’s gone” and “this is a good whiskey. The nose is very beautiful and the taste is also delicious in the mouth.”

In December 2014 a full 75cl bottle of this Linkwood from the 1970s sold at auction for £87.50. That’s not a bad price for something scoring nearly 89/100 on Whiskybase. I’m going to have to drink this and find out if I agree with all the good comments!

Linkwood 70 Proof 5cl

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