Highland Park 12-year-old (1990s)

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 20th May 2015

84.74/100 – Whiskybase (average from 37 member votes)

I believe (and correct me if I’m wrong) that this is the 12yo labelling prior to the one before the current one. For those of you translating my blog into your language, I hope that made sense. To put it another way, this version of the 12yo is from the 1990s, the next label change covered the early 2000s and then in about 2007 we have the bottle we see today. The ratings for these 3 versions on Whiskybase are:

  • 84.74/100 – 1990s (average from 37 member votes)
  • 83.01/100 – Early 2000s (average from 104 member votes)
  • 82.38/100 – 2007 onwards (average from 718 member votes)

As a long-term fan of the HP 12yo, I’m a bit concerned about the downward trend these ratings suggest. In the Whisky Bible 2015 the author, Jim Murray, rates the latest 12yo a lowly 78/100 and morns the parting of the former version which he scored 92/100 in his 2006 edition of his book. According to Whiskybase, the previous version (my version) was even better. Comments include “a wonderful robust 12y old Highland Park”, “a classic with a great nose” and “sweet sherry with a pleasant smoke, what more would you like?”

I must admit, the last time I tried my new, open bottle of HP12yo I wasn’t impressed with the taste. I noticed a somewhat fusty flavour. I’m worried I’m starting to detect sulphur, which Jim Murray complains has ruined the HP12. This gives more reason to try a previous version in a taste comparison. Ideally I’d like to get a miniature from the early 2000s and compare all three. Watch this space!

Highland Park 12yo 1990s 5cl

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