Highland Park ‘Einar’

Bought: Amazon, 10th April 2015

90.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2015
80.78/100 – Whiskybase (average from 111 member votes)

Looking at comments about the Einar on the internet, it seems to be an ‘easy drinking Highland Park’. But, so is the 12-year-old version, which can be found for half the price of the Einar (when on offer in supermarkets). Admittedly the Einar is 100cl, rather than 70cl, but does that extra 30cl justify the price? If only it where that simple. Even if the Einar and 12yo are similar, they’re not the same, and it’s having something different that’s the point.

The Whisky Bible only scores the 12yo HP a lowly 78/100, so the author clearly considers the Einar a significant improvement. Comments about the Einar include “fresh, salivating delivery but bordered by tannin and imbued with spice; vague heather honey” and “a curious style of HP which shows most of its usual traits but possesses an extra sharpness”.

Members providing reviews on Whiskybase either describe the initial taste as “soft” or, less kindly “thin”. But, remarks about fruit, spice and zest make it sound like a very tempting dram. One review summaries with “if you like HP then this will not disappoint”. And, since Highland Park is considered a good entry-level distillery for non-whisky drinkers, the Einar clearly has quite a wide appeal. All-in-all, a very tempting single malt from a highly respected distillery.

Highland Park Einar NAS 100cl

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