Old Pulteney ‘Noss Head’

Bought: World Duty Free, 31st March 2015

84/100 – Whisky Bible 2015
81.7/100 – Whiskybase (average from 33 member votes)

If I’m honest with myself, Old Pulteney is forming a collection within my collection. Not only is it an old family favourite but my small addiction is boosted by the fact that the 17yo and 21yo Old Pulteneys are considered two of the best whiskies in the world. The 12yo is also highly regarded, very affordable, and recommended to old and new whisky drinkers alike.

With more and more Scottish distilleries replacing their best selling 10 and 12-year-olds with non-aged statements (NAS) you have to wonder how long before we see the demise of the Old Pulteney 12yo. Already the distillery is slipping in NAS bottlings, of which the Noss Head is an example. One review on Whiskybase mentioned its youthfulness (typical of a NAS versus what they’ve replaced) but at least the distillery has had the good sense to make it 46%. A bit more strength can sometimes be useful to mask immaturity. I’m a big kid, but you’d probably not notice after consuming 5 glasses of Noss Head! 🙂

84/100 from Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible might seem quite low but it’s at the top of the range of ‘good whisky worth trying’. Aberdeen airport were selling a very buyer-friendly 35cl although it’s normally sold as a 1ltr, and easily available online. Jim Murray states “the nose and delivery is about as fine a display of citrus maltiness as you’ll fine” but he detects a bitterness in the finish he’s not very keen on. Contrasting that, a reviewer on Whiskybase describes the finish as “not bitter at all”. Whose right? Time to try it and see.

Old Pulteney Noss Head NAS 35cl

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