Cambus 1991 23-year-old

Bought: Whisky Exchange, 18th March 2015

84.29/100 – Whiskybase (average from 26 member votes)

I’ve only recently taken an interest in single grain whisky, and the same can be said for closed distilleries. Cambus was a Scottish lowland, single grain distillery, which closed in 1993. When you get to my age, you have to pinch yourself when you realise that’s 22 years ago! But it amazes me when I see young adults performing on TV talent shows that were born in this millennium. 1993 to them must feel like ancient history.

Like blends, bottles of single grain whisky tend not to make good investments. Certainly not when compared to single malts. Nevertheless, I did buy this bottle of Cambus with an eye on the future. Bottled by Signatory as part of their ‘Vintage Cask Strength Collection’, this independent bottler has good pedigree, and releases from this closed distillery are only going to get older and older (and more expensive) in future years.

Although Jim Murray doesn’t review this exact bottling in his Whisky Bible 2015, the seven Cambus releases he talks about all get excellent marks. Scores range from 85.5/100 to a fantastic 97/100 for a 47yo bottle. Clearly Jim Murray is impressed with the house style from the lowland distillery. My bottling scores an excellent mark on Whiskybase. If you have a bottle, whether you drink it or save it as in investment, it was definitely an excellent purchase!

Cambus 1991 23yo 70cl

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