Old Pulteney 8-year-old 100 Proof (57%)

Bought: Online Whisky Auction, 24th February 2015

88/100 – Whiskybase (average from 5 member votes)

Back in the 2006 edition of the Whisky Bible, the Gordon & MacPhail release of the Old Pulteney 8yo scored 85/100 but it hasn’t been mentioned in recent years (even though you can still purchase it online). That was the 40% version but I have the vintage (or ‘retro’) 57% from the 1980s. If I’d realised how well loved it was on Whiskybase (88/100 is a fantastic score) I would have attempted to get a bigger sample than a miniature! Aaaah, except a 70cl is quoted with a price of £237.60! My miniature was closer to the 60p than the £237.

The only written review on Whiskybase for this bottling summarises with “an intense Old Pulteney from the past” having said of the taste “hot and spicy (pepper). Oily and creamy. Fruity in particular oranges and tangerines. Slightly peaty ” For those of you familiar with Old Pulteney, there are some classic elements showing through in this potent blast from the past.

Although I have quite a few examples of Old Pulteney, this is my first experience of one over 50%. The Whiskybase rating has convinced me to add a ‘cask strength’ Old Pulteney to my wishlist. Is there one out there I wonder? The hunt is on….

Old Pulteney 100 Proof 8yo 5cl

9 responses to “Old Pulteney 8-year-old 100 Proof (57%)

  1. I have a miniature of this Old Pulteney 8 year old pure highland malt scotch whisky in its original box exactly the same as yours, except mine is 70°

    • That’s a nice one to have! Most likely a miniature version of this one on Whiskybase: https://www.whiskybase.com/whisky/55295/old-pulteney-08-year-old-gm

      • Sandra Walton

        Yes, probably. Mine is a miniature flat bottle. Would it be worth anything please? Not that I would probably want to sell it anyway!

      • I would say it would make between £5 and £10 in an online whisky auction. These old Gordon & MacPhail miniatures often sell in a group. I wouldn’t put one into auction on its own considering the return you’d get. After postage fees to get it to the auction house (unless you live near one) and their commission (if they take any from the seller) it’s not really worth it. If you don’t like drinking whisky yourself then it would make an interesting novelty gift, or secret Santa, or the like. Or keep it and hope the Old Pulteney distillery closes down, which will put its price up for collectors! 🙂

      • Sandra Walton

        Hi. Thank you for replying. Your advice is taken on board and I would not sell my little bottle anyway. I do hope Pulteney don ‘t go bust. I think I might open it and try it!! How old do you think it is now if it was 8 years old when it reached the bottle? Look forward to hearing from you.

      • Good choice! From what I’ve read I believe the label style was mostly 1970s but drifted into the 80s. Even if it’s the latter the whisky would have been distilled in the 1970s so you’re looking at over 40 years since it was put to cask. I’d be interested to hear your opinion of it if you try it.

      • Sandra Walton

        I will if I am brave enough to just unscrew that bottle!!!!! My late Dad had it from new. Probably a Christmas present … and he never drank whisky!!

      • Sounds like my father. Because he’s Scottish and all his brothers drank single malt he used to get bottles for birthdays and Christmas. But he’s a vodka drinker! Good luck!

      • Sandra Walton

        Thanks. Take care.

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