Wambrechies 8-year-old

Bought: Whiskysite, Holland, 16th February 2015

83/100 – Whisky Bible 2015
65.8/100 – Whiskybase (average from 7 member votes)

Bonjour! And welcome to the first French whisky in my collection! One nice thing about getting whisky from Holland is the variety of choice compared to the UK market. The Wambrechies isn’t available here in Britain, so originally I’d been considering getting either an Armorik or Kornog from ‘The Whisky Exchange’. There are versions of both that score more than 90/100 in the Whisky Bible, so why go for the Wambrechies? Well, 3 reasons:

  • Price (only £24)
  • Unavailable in the UK, therefore more unique
  • The interesting story in the Whisky Bible review

Jim Murray, the author of the Whisky Bible, says the aroma of the Wambrechies reminds him of food he had 30 years ago when hitchhiking across Morocco and Algeria. He says of the cuisine he encountered “some of the best I have ever tasted” but he’s unsure about the exact scent he’s detecting in the Wambrechies, stating “tomatoes, maybe?” Mr Murray goes on to say “attractive and unique to whisky, that’s for sure. I rather like this malt. There is nothing quite comparable to it.” 83/100 classifies this single malt as “good whisky worth trying”.

Unfortunately members of Whiskybase don’t agree with Jim Murray with 65.8/100 being a very low score. One member scores it 55/100 and says “For those who like Genever, Jenever, Holland Gin or Genièvre; you might like this! It doesn’t come close to any single malt I’ve tasted, that ain’t a compliment, sorry.”

Wambrechies 8yo 70cl

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