Highland Park ‘Sigurd’

Bought: Best of Whisky, Holland, 2nd February 2015

96/100 – Whisky Bible 2015
84.02/100 – Whiskybase (average from 123 member votes)

When I ordered this bottle of Sigurd from Holland for £102 I thought I was getting an incredible bargain. The only places selling it ‘new’ in the UK were charging £350 and one bottle had sold at auction for £260. Since then several of the mainstream online shops have restocked and are charging a more modest £125. But when they finally sell out, I’ve already seen how good this HP is as an investment.

But what about the taste if I decide to open it rather than treat it like money in the bank? Jim Murray, author of the Whisky Bible, absolutely loves it. 96/100 ranks the Sigurd as “superstar whisky that gives us all a reason to live”. In his review he says “HP at its most intense” and “the mouth feel is simply perfection”. He summaries with “breath-taking, star-studded and ridiculously complex reminder that this distillery is capable of serving up some of the best whisky that the world can enjoy.”

The average score on Whiskybase is OK but not as high as the Whisky Bible would suggest. Nevertheless, it’s clearly a good whisky to drink, as well as one to be considered as an investment.

Here’s the distillery’s own YouTube video about the Sigurd (Sept 2013):

Highland Park Sigurd NAS 70cl

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