Knockdu 12-year-old (1990s)

Bought: Online Auction, 12th December 2014

81.25/100 – Whiskybase (average from 4 member votes)

As a pre-Christmas treat I decided to have a punt on a few whiskies I fancied in an online auction. Gradually, as the minutes ticked away, I was outbid on all but this bottle of Knockdu 12yo from the 1990s. I was interested in it because it predates the change by the distillery to AnCnoc, just in case people got confused with the other distillery called Knockando. Personally I don’t see the problem with two distilleries starting with ‘Knock’ given how many distilleries start with “Glen”. We all know the likes of Glenmorangie, Glenlivet and Glenfiddich are well established but surely the lesser ‘Glen’ distilleries are much of a muchness for whisky buyers outside of Scotland? And quite a few people in Scotland too! What makes Glenlossie, Glen Spey, or Glenallachie stand out from the rest?!

I’d done my research and I knew that my bottle of Knockdu without a box could fetch around £30 at auction, so I was delighted to get it for £15. But, add commission, postage, etc, and it set me back £28. That’s probably not bad compared to its originally price in the 1990s. Although the Whiskybase score of 81.25/100 doesn’t look good, the latest 2012 listing for the AnCnoc 12yo scores less than 80. Admittedly that’s from 238 votes compared to 4, so a bigger variation of tastes.

I’m tempted to keep this bottle as an investment, even though it’s hardly a classic of its day. In 10 years time the experienced whisky drinkers will be telling the novices that the whisky of the 1990s was soooo much better than now, much like some of today’s whisky aficionados say whisky was better in the 1980s. Or I might take out my bottle of AnCnoc 12yo and do a taste comparison. That sounds like a better plan! 🙂

Knockdu 12yo 70cl

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