Knockando 12-year-old, 1999

Bought: Waitrose, 15th November 2014

78.75/100 – Whiskybase (average from 10 member votes)

I considered getting the Knockando 12yo last Christmas but I got put off by the variable ratings this annual release gets. The most recent 12yo mentioned in the Whisky Bible is the 1996 version where the first word of the review is “disappointing”. Hardly an encouraging comment! I ended up ticking Knockando off my Scottish distillery wishlist when I bought a 1986 miniature in an online auction last February.

So why buy it now? Because this is the 1999 release, and therefore the final version of this 12yo to be distilled in the last millennium. I’m probably the only person that thinks this is significant, and I doubt it will make this bottling a collector’s item. Certainly not when the only review in English on Whiskybase summarises with “This is not better than a blend. Only winning feature was that it’s a bit above 40% (at 43%).” Ouch! When the best thing about a spirit is its strength so you can get drunk faster and ignore its taste, you know it’s not a lifelong friend.

I’m wondering if the distillery got its name when someone asked “can you make a good single malt?” and the reply was “no can do!” 🙂

Knockando 12yo 1999 70cl

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