Glenturret 27yo Commonwealth Games Edition

Bought: The Famous Grouse Experience, 13th November 2014

95/100 – Whisky Bible 2015
90/100 – Whiskybase (average from 4 member votes)

There’s an interesting story behind this single malt, which may add more value to it in future years. The whisky was distilled in 1986 after the Commonwealth Games was last held in Scotland. 28 years later the Commonwealth Games returned to Scotland, so the whisky was bottled before the games, all ready to be sold to tourists visiting the event in Glasgow. My emboldening of “after” and “before” is significant because the law for whisky states that only the exact years spent distilling can be declared on the bottle. The whisky hadn’t reached its 28th birthday when it was bottled but went on sale saying “28-years-old” on the label. Ooops!

I’m not exactly sure of the sequence of events but it seems the whisky had to be recalled during some, if not all the days the games were running. A limited edition whisky that should have sold out, now had leftover stock, and was old news. That is until the Whisky Bible 2015 appeared in the autumn of 2014 and awarded this Glenturret “Best Single Malt aged between 22-27years from multiple casks”. The author, Jim Murray, said “every bit as rounded and chewy as the nose suggests” and concluded with “I honestly can’t remember the last time I experienced a Glenturret this good”.

I was alerted to the pedigree of this single malt when the Whisky Bible 2015 results were posted on a forum. Someone mentioned that the Famous Grouse Experience shop was offering a £30 discount so I joined the rush to secure a bottle. A great tasting malt but an obvious investment for the future. One to sell at auction the next time the Commonwealth Games are in Scotland.

At the time of posting the Glenturret can still be purchased at online retailers such as Robbie’s Drams, The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malts.

Glenturret Commonwealth Games 2014 27yo 50cl

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