Singleton ‘Tailfire’

Bought – ASDA, 3rd November 2014

79/100 – Whisky Bible 2017
77.3/100 – Whiskybase (average from 82 member votes)

With the name “tailfire” I was a bit worried about the finish on this whisky. Is it designed to set your palate on fire? Or does it mean I’ll have indigestion for a week after drinking it? Or perhaps a ‘tail fire’ more commonly experienced after a hot curry?! The ‘tailfire’ actually refers to a salmon fly, used for fishing, although the tail pictured on the back of the whisky box looks more like that of a dragon’s! (I now realise it’s supposed to be a fish hook, not a tail).

The Dufftown Distillery hasn’t exactly been setting the world of whisky on fire in recent years with their lacklustre 12yo, so it’s nice to see some new releases aimed at injecting life into the brand. Although the current rating on Whiskybase isn’t great, it’s not bad either. The member, and expert vlogger, Mark Dermul summaries his review of this new malt with “The difference with the Sunray is quite clear. This one is much better. A nice addition of red and dark fruit and a wonderful finish. Again eminently quaffable and friendly priced, so if I had to make a choice, I would take this Tailfire home.”

Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible only has 3 words to say about the Tailfire, which are “tailspin, more like”. Not exactly complimentary and 79/100 classifies this single malt as “average, and usually pleasant though sometimes flawed”.

Here’s SingeMaltManiac with their thoughts about the Tailfire on YouTube (Nov 2015):

Dufftown Tailfire NAS 70cl

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