Singleton ‘Spey Cascade’

Bought – Morrisons, 16th October 2014

80/100 – Whisky Bible 2017
76.66/100 – Whiskybase (average from 92 member voters)

If I’d saved all the money I’d spent over the last year on inferior whisky, I’m sure I could have bought a 30yo bottle of Highland Park by now. But with whisky I’m inclined to go for quantity before quality. I’d rather get 20 bottles of £20 so-so whisky than spent £400 on one bottle. I can guarantee I wouldn’t sip the expensive bottle and think “mmm, worth every penny!” I would expect a £380 difference between a cheap and expensive whisky to mean the 30yo Highland Park would blow my mind. It wouldn’t. And neither will the Singleton ‘Spey Cascade’ but, for £24.69, you know what to expect.

In winter 2013 I resisted buying the Singleton 12-year-old when it was reduced to £22 in supermarkets because the reviews were poor-to-average at best. Finally this new Singleton NAS (non-aged statement) ‘Spey Cascade’ suckered me in. If nothing else, it has a nice bottle shape. Initial votes on Whiskybase didn’t look very promising (low 70s) but after 92 votes it’s climbed to nearly 77/100, which is respectable.

Jim Murray added the Spey Cascade to his Whisky Bible in the 2017 edition and scoring 80/100 is “good whisky worth trying”. Not that you’d think that from his review where he says “a dull whisky, stodgy and a little dry on the nose. Improves the longer it stays on the palate thanks mainly to the sympathetic sugars and an ingratiating oiliness. But if you’re looking for quality, prepare to be disappointed.”

Here’s Horst Luening of on YouTube with his thoughts about the Spey Cascade (Sept 2014):

Dufftown Spey Cascade NAS 70cl

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