Glenfiddich 15-year-old Distillery Edition

Bought – ASDA, 15th October 2014

93.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2014
83.7/100 – Whiskybase (average from 186 member votes)
84/100 – RalfyGlenfiddich 15yo Distillery Edition – YouTube (July 2014)

The rating from the Whisky Bible 2014 dates back to the 2010 edition. The author, Jim Murray, says of the nose “quite astonishing and, even with its spice nip, one of the great whisky noses of 2010.” He then says about the taste “my word!! Just so lively…enormous complexity from the very first mouthful.” It’s only the finish where Mr Murray feels this malt falls down slightly because it ends too quickly. Nevertheless, with a mark of 93.5/100, the classification for this single malt is “brilliant!”

If you listen to Ralfy’s YouTube review, one thing he and Jim Murray agree on is the presence of bananas. Ralfy even suggests “roasted bananas?!” Add this to sultanas, heavy fruits, barley, vanilla, spices and coconut and you’re in for quite a tropical surprise of loveliness. If you’re interested in a whisky with Speyside sweetness expanding in numerous directions, with a 51% kick and non-chillfiltered, then this dram has your name written all over it. Definitely one to add to your letter to Santa!

I’m being a bit picky here but I’ve been pondering, why “Distillery Edition”? With Glenmorangie giving names like “Quinta Rubin” and “Lasanta” to 12yo bottlings, and Glenlivet naming a 16yo “Nadurra”, I’m wondering if the Glenfiddich marketing department were at the pub on the day scheduled for thinking up an interesting title. After several drinks, the names they were coming up with were certainly interesting but not the sort of thing considered fit for public consumption. I would think “Distillery Edition” is stating the blatantly obvious – it’s an edition of whisky that’s come from the distillery. Wow! I’m only bitter because they didn’t accept my suggestion of “The Dog’s Bollocks” when I wrote to them regarding new whisky names.

Glenfiddich 15yo Distillery Edition 70cl

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