Old Pulteney ‘Clipper’

Bought – The Whisky Shop, 30th September 2014

93/100 – Whisky Bible 2015
83.29/100 – Whiskybase (average from 9 member votes)

I always thought a ‘clipper’ was the teacher at school that used to give kids a clip around the ear for being naughty but apparently it’s a sort of boat too. One that Old Pulteney entered in a race around the world, heading off from London in September 2013 and arriving back in July 2014. The Clipper bottling celebrates this journey. The ‘Old Pulteney’ was the only Scottish entrant in the race and a cunning way for the distillery to spread its name around the world. One of 12 ships taking part, the Old Pulteney clipper would get plenty of press coverage, and dock in various countries along the way with local natives asking “what’s this Old Pulteney stuff?!” Here’s one of the videos taken on board the ‘Old Pulteney’ clipper during its voyage:

For me, this bottle signifies a change in my whisky collecting. The Whisky Shop took 5 weeks to get a bottle in after I requested it. As a result the price had gone down £5 elsewhere so I naturally asked them to match it. Instead they offered me free membership of their W Club (normally £12.50), so I accepted. A good move on their part because the 10% discount I now get as a member has already encouraged me to buy a few bottles. I’ve also been asked to go on their tasting panel and report back my thoughts to other members via their website. Me?! Write about whisky?! Hmmm. 😉

Old Pulteney Clipper NAS 70cl

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