Glenlivet ‘Nadurra’ 16-year-old batch 0313W

Bought – Sainsbury’s, 22th September 2014

88.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2016
86/100 – Best Shot Whisky Reviews
5/5 Stars – Master of Malt (from 2 ratings)

It only takes one person on a whisky forum to say “I think they’re replacing the Nadurra 16-year-old with a non-aged statement Nadurra” to put me in a panic. Even though someone else added “that’s rubbish!” I was instantly thinking I had to get another Nadurra 16yo before stocks ran out. I’m now wondering if a member of staff at Glenlivet goes around the whisky forums making these comments so idiots like me rush out and spend. If so, it worked!

I bought my first bottle of Nadurra back in May 2014, a potent 56.1% from batch number 0813Y. This latest bottle is from batch 0313W and a less feisty 54.8%. Not that I’ll notice the difference because at that strength I’ll always add a bit of water.

The Nadurra is one of the few cask strength whiskies available in the UK supermarkets, and as we approach Christmas it’s an ideal gift if you want to give a whisky drinker something different. To keep an eye on the various supermarket deals I’m still using my trusty friend mySupermarket.

Here’s Andy of Malt Box on You Tube giving his review of batch 0313W, which he scores 87/100 (April 2016):

Glenlivet Nadurra 16yo 70cl batch 0313W

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