The Famous Jubilee

Bought – Waitrose, 7th September 2014

83.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2014

OK Waitrose, OK! I get the message! I’ve never seen so many former prices on a sales label before. “£25.60 reduced to £22, reduced to £20, reduced to £16, reduced to £14”. I’d considered The Famous Jubilee a month or so ago when it was £16 but it was my cousin saying he’d got it for £14 that prompted me to finally get it. What the heck! It’s hardly going to become valuable as a collector’s piece, and I don’t suppose it will set the taste buds dancing but you rarely see a special edition whisky for as little as £14 these days.

Jim Murray’s bible mark of 83.5/100 is very respectable. Even more so when you realise he spotted sulphur in it and deducts marks for that. For those like me who can’t detect sulphur (and don’t want to) it could score into the 90s! Mr Murray says “heavyweight, stodgy, toffee-laden kind of blend a long way from the Grouse tradition.” And “there are redeeming rich honey tones that are a joy.” 83.5/100 ranks it as a “good whisky worth trying” and why not for £14, given how insistent Waitrose have been.

God save the Queen, and all who drink with her!

Famous Jubilee 70cl

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