Isle of Jura 12-year-old ‘Elixir’

Bought: Sainsbury 29th July, 2014

77/100 – Whisky Bible 2014
83/100 – Ralfy, of
Review: – Ralfy – Isle of Jura 12yo – YouTube

Although Jim Murray’s score of 77/100 in his Whisky Bible might sound quite low, it’s still classified as “average and usually pleasant though sometimes flawed”. Jim’s full review of this whisky states “fruity, spicy and a little sulphury I’m afraid. Those who can’t spot sulphur will love the caramel-fruitcake enormity.” So the ‘flaw’ in this case is Jim Murray’s unfortunate ability to detect sulphur (poor chap!). I certainly can’t and I never want to. Ralfy makes no mention of it, saying it’s a good example of a Jura and better than the Superstition (and definitely better than the 10yo, which he hates!).

Caramel added, chill filtered, and a mere 40% – it’s amazing the Elixir scores so well but it goes to show that these elements, which often get a bashing in reviews, don’t really make a huge difference in marks, even from the connoisseurs. Basically, if the underlying whisky is good, it’s usually a pleasant dram even if the distillery haven’t put the icing on the cake with natural colour, non-filtration, and extra strength.The distilleries can if they want but sometimes they choose not to so they can charge more per bottle when they do! For doing less they charge more – yes, that sounds like the world of business to me! 🙂

Jura Elixir 12yo 70cl

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